The Goals Your Lawyer Has When Interviewing Prosecution Witnesses

Facing criminal charges is a process that will take time and effort, and you should not go through it alone. Criminal lawyers are extremely helpful for people who are facing criminal charges, and one of the things your criminal defense lawyer will do to prepare for your case is interview prosecution witnesses. Here are several things to understand about prosecution witnesses and the goals your lawyer will have with interviewing them. [Read More]

3 Tips For Seeing Your Grandchild When The Parents Are Going Through A Custody Battle

If you are a grandparent, it is probably important to you to see your grandchild whenever you can. If the child's parents are going through a custody battle, though, it can make things tough. A few tips for seeing your grandchild when the parents are going through a custody battle have been listed here. 1. Try to Put Aside Your Differences If your adult child is going through a custody battle with an ex-spouse or with someone else that he or she is no longer in a relationship with, you might have your own feelings about the situation. [Read More]

Incarceration And Its Effect On Child Support

Child support is mandated by court order following the divorce of most couples with children. The court will consider each parent's financial resources and obligations, as well as the level of care being provided for the children, when determining child support. Incarceration can throw a wrench into the child support process. If your ex has been incarcerated, his or her ability to pay child support may be compromised. Be prepared to protect your children by taking action to combat changes to your child support order. [Read More]