5 Factors That Boost Your Chances of Innocent Spouse Relief

Have you discovered that your spouse has filed fraudulent items on your joint tax return? This creates a sticky situation for innocent spouses, who have to take immediate action to avoid being held responsible for this financial fraud. Fortunately, the IRS does have effective tools you can use to avoid the additional liability. The most common is called innocent spouse relief.  To increase your chances of being granted innocent spouse relief, consider how you may be able to prove a few key parts of your defense. [Read More]

What Does An Auto Accident Attorney Do For A Client?

A lot of work goes into an auto accident claim, but it can be hard to tell what an attorney does. Clients deserve to know what work an auto accident attorney will be doing for them during this process so let's examine three things an attorney will do. Collecting Reports Professional assessments of what happened during an incident are among the most compelling items a lawyer can use. This means getting copies of the initial police reports. [Read More]

Child Abandonment And Divorce

Dealing with the emotional ramifications of divorce is even tougher when children are involved. There comes a time in every parent's life when they consider allowing the child to live with the other parent for the time being. That could be a big mistake, though. Read below to learn more about how to avoid the implication of child abandonment. The Best Interests of the Child When you become a parent, it's not about you anymore. [Read More]

Determining If An Accident Lawyer Should Be Hired

Driving a vehicle is a fast and convenient way to get to where you need to be in a city, and most speed limits are set to keep traffic flowing at a decent rate. Unfortunately, many driver ignore what is posted on the speed limit signs and drive their vehicles a lot faster than it is legal to do so. Traveling too fast makes it more difficult to slow down when necessary, and can make managing the vehicle difficult in general while increasing the risk of causing an accident. [Read More]