Gaining Child Custody While Serving In The Military

Serving your country is an honor, but it is not one that does not come with sacrifices. Unfortunately, many of the hardships of duty don't just rest on the shoulders of the service member, but also their family, including their children. However, even in uniform, it's important for parents who serve to have a loving and fulfilling relationship with their children, and the courts agree. If you want to gain custody of your child while on active duty — you can. [Read More]

4 Ways A Family Law Attorney Can Help You

Starting a new life with someone is a joyous and exciting time. You have so many things to look forward to: marriage, children, and a lifetime spent in partnership with each other. No one gets married expecting anything to go wrong, but it's best to be prepared for any possible scenario. Here are four ways a family law attorney can help you. 1. Prenuptial agreement When you marry your sweetheart, of course you want to believe that you'll never get divorced. [Read More]

SSI Vs. SSDI: Understanding The Difference So You Know What You're Suing For

Social Security provides a few different benefits for different reasons. Primarily, you know that SSA gives benefits to retirees, but there are disability benefits as well. If you are planning on pursuing disability benefits, you should know that they are very difficult to get without a disability lawyer's help. Additionally, there are two kinds of disability benefits, and you should know the difference before you pursue a lawsuit against SSA. [Read More]

Collecting Workers' Compensation? How To Avoid Problems If You're Going On Vacation

If you're out of work due to a job-related injury and you're collecting workers' compensation, you may want to be extremely cautious during summer vacations. There's nothing stopping you from going on a brief vacation while collecting workers' compensation. However, you do need to be careful to avoid doing anything that could jeopardize your case. The last thing you want is to lose your workers' compensation law benefits over a mistake you made regarding your vacation. [Read More]