3 Tips For Seeing Your Grandchild When The Parents Are Going Through A Custody Battle

If you are a grandparent, it is probably important to you to see your grandchild whenever you can. If the child's parents are going through a custody battle, though, it can make things tough. A few tips for seeing your grandchild when the parents are going through a custody battle have been listed here.

1. Try to Put Aside Your Differences

If your adult child is going through a custody battle with an ex-spouse or with someone else that he or she is no longer in a relationship with, you might have your own feelings about the situation. It's only natural to want to take your child's side in the situation. Plus, you might have only heard a biased side of the story from your adult child, so you might not know all of the details that are going on in the custody battle at all. Therefore, it's important to try to set aside your differences and put your focus on seeing your grandchild rather than choosing sides in a custody battle, no matter how hard it might be, if spending time with your grandchild is a priority for you.

2. Be Flexible

You may have to be somewhat flexible and when and how you will see your grandchild during this difficult time. Long visits on the days of your choosing just might not be an option. Being flexible can help you increase your chances of being able to see your grandchild during a time when spending time with your grandchild might otherwise be difficult.

3. Be Willing to Prove That You're Competent

If one or more of the parents fight back during a custody battle, then you might have to be able to prove that you are competent and able to take care of and spend time with the child. You may need to provide proof from your doctor that you're in good health and are therefore capable of taking care of the child on your own, for example, and you'll want to make sure that your home is a neat, clean and safe environment.

4. Hire an Attorney

You might hope that things will go smoothly when you ask to spend time with your grandchild during this tough time, but there is always the chance that things will not go as you are hoping. Hiring an attorney is a good way to find out more about the grandparent's rights laws in your state and to get help with securing visitation -- or possibly even custody -- of your grandchild. Just schedule an appointment with a family lawyer who has experience in helping grandparents like you with these cases, and you can get advice that is more specific to your case.