Knowing When You Should File A Workers Compensation Claim: Tips For You

Workers compensation laws as well as the court system and many people who take on the role of workers compensation attorney, exist to keep workers safe and protected on the job. And they are designed to ensure that employees get treated fairly if they are injured on the job. However, many workers who have the rights to these protections do not fully understand how the laws and policies function to protect them. [Read More]

Tips For Taking A Plea Deal

Plea deals are common in both police procedural shows and in real life. A plea deal is a deal that is delivered from the prosecution that the defendant can accept in lieu of going to court. It is assumed that, should the defendant go to court and be found guilty, the punishment for his or her actions would be far greater than what he or she would serve in the plea deal. [Read More]

3 Things To Keep In Mind When Driving Near Schools & Parks

With September upon us, school has started up again, which means that you need to start paying attention to those school zone signs again. At the start of the school year, when the weather is still nice outside, many children will be walking home from school and playing around schools. As a responsible driver, it is your duty to be caution when driving in areas near schools or parks where children could be present. [Read More]

Fighting For Custody When Your Child's Mother Considers Adoption

Cases where the biological father of a child wants to keep it and the mother does not can be emotional, difficult, and legally complicated. If the mother of your child chooses to put the baby up for adoption, you will only have a short window of time to act to claim custody and assert your rights as a parent. It is, however, possible for unmarried fathers to assume custody of their children and halt an adoption, though you will likely need the help of a skilled custody attorney to navigate the legal system in time. [Read More]