Knowing When You Should File A Workers Compensation Claim: Tips For You

Workers compensation laws as well as the court system and many people who take on the role of workers compensation attorney, exist to keep workers safe and protected on the job. And they are designed to ensure that employees get treated fairly if they are injured on the job. However, many workers who have the rights to these protections do not fully understand how the laws and policies function to protect them. Get to know some of the instances in which you can and should file a worker's compensation claim so that you can always get the compensation and assistance that you are entitled to under the law.

You Were Injured Performing Your Job Duties And Were Following All Safety Guidelines

The most obvious circumstances in which you can get injured on the job and should file a workers compensation claim is when you are injured while performing your job duties and were working within all given safety guidelines and parameters. In other words, the injury is definitely caused by your job and work.

When you are going throughout your day, no matter what your job may be, there are always risks of injuries occurring. Workers compensation law is put in place to protect you from excessive costs to get treatment for such work-related injuries. However, if you were roughhousing or playing around while working, you may not be eligible to receive workers compensation benefits because that behavior violated policy and while an injury may have occurred at work as a result was not work-related.

You Work Caused You To Develop An Illness

Some jobs carry more risks than others when it comes to developing illnesses or diseases. Workers compensation is also designed to help protect a person under these circumstances. If your job puts you at risk of exposure to chemicals that can cause illnesses or you work in a medical field and a person with a communicable disease like HIV or the like bites you spits on you, or any other similar issues occur, you may also be entitled to workers compensation.

The key here is that the illness needs to be directly related to your job and your job function. If you catch the flu or another common illness from an ill co-worker, this is not the same as a work-related illness or injury. If you are exposed to an illness or develop chronic health issues that you think are related to your work and not just circumstantially associated with work, contact a workers compensation attorney who can walk you through the process, as illness can sometimes be more difficult to prove than injury in a workers compensation claim and case.

Now that you know more about when you should file a workers compensation claim, you can be sure that you are doing everything that you can to protect yourself in the case of an injury or illness related to your job. For more information, contact companies like Thompson Legal Services.