Time For A Redetermination Review? 3 Reasons You May Need Help From A Social Security Law Firm

Applying for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration is no easy process. After you complete stacks of paperwork about every medical provider or facility you have ever visited, you may also be asked for financial information. This includes tax returns, bank statements, stock or crypto statements, and more. Once you submit all this information and get approved for disability benefits, you may think the work is over. Unfortunately, that's usually not the case.

Social Security does not expect every disability to last forever. Generally, this means you can expect to undergo a redetermination review every couple of years. During this review, the SSA may decide to reduce or revoke your disability benefits, leaving you back at square one. This is why it's so important to work with a Social Security law firm that can help you meet the requirements of redetermination and keep your disability benefits. Check the details below for information on three reasons you may need the assistance of a Social Security law group.

1) Your Social Security representative wants you to see a doctor they've chosen

Many disability recipients panic when they receive a letter stating that the Social Security Administration wants them to visit a doctor for a mental exam, physical, or other tests — and understandably so. Instead of meeting with your own team of medical professionals, who understand your health history and the challenges it causes, you must meet with a stranger. This stranger may not do a thorough exam or take your medical background into account, which can lead to a false impression. A Social Security law firm can help you challenge this decision and ensure that your disability claim is accurately represented.

2) Your income has changed since your last review

The amount of money you earn each month must be reported to the Social Security Administration in order to be eligible for disability benefits. If your income goes up in between reviews, it could put you at risk of having your disability benefits revoked. Many Social Security recipients are self-employed as part-time delivery drivers or freelance workers, and reporting this income can get confusing. A Social Security law group can help make sure that the Social Security Administration is aware of what kind of income you are receiving and where it comes from so that your eligibility isn't jeopardized.

3) You have recently been diagnosed with a new condition

Even if you've been approved for disability benefits in the past, a new medical condition could mean that you must reapply. This is especially true if your condition has gotten worse since your original application. A Social Security law firm can help guide you through this process and make sure all of the necessary documentation is filed.

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