Learn About Workers Compensation For Non-Workplace Injuries

Like most Americans, you assume that you cannot get workers compensation for accidents that occur away from the workplace. That thinking makes intuitive sense. Why would the government award you workers benefits for an injury that happened at home or in your car, for example?

Well, the truth is you can actually make a successful claim for workers compensation for non-workplace injuries. Being aware of this fact now, rather than later, is important because you never know when you will have an accident.

To help you better understand work injury law and to know when you might be eligible for benefits, following is a discussion of the type of situations that could lead to successful non-workplace workers compensation claims.

When does employer liability begin?

The first thing to consider is when does an employer become responsible for a worker. In general, employers are responsible from the moment a worker enters the job premises until the time they depart.

However, as with any legal theory, there are exceptions.

Business Trips

If you are away on official business, then your employer bears some responsibility for accidents. Of course, you must be engaged in a legitimate job function.

For example, if you are out of town negotiating a new sales contract and are hurt while driving to the meeting, your personal injury lawyer may well help you establish a workers compensation claim.

Driving to Work

These days it is common for managers to send emails, voice messages and texts at all hours of the day. If you are on your morning commute and receive such a communication, you might be compelled to respond.

While engaged in a response, if an accident happens, you and your work injury lawyer may have a valid compensation claim.

Now, hopefully you were using a hands-free device, rather than texting while driving, which would probably put you in serious legal trouble!

Company Functions

Official job functions, such as holiday parties often fall under the rubric of labor law. Because employees are usually expected to attend, the employer bears a degree of liability for foreseeable accidents.

Likewise, business lunches, either required by your supervisor or a necessary part of your job title, are events in which you can possibly be awarded benefits after suffering an injury.

Get Proper Legal Advice Today

As you can see, workers compensation law does not actually stop and start at the workplace door. Instead, you can file for damages and receive financial benefits to help make you whole again.

To better ensure odds of success, before filing a claim, seek the assistance of a qualified work injury lawyer.