Moving Out During A Divorce? 3 Tips To Minimize Complications

As you go through a divorce, many aspects of your life are undoubtedly put into upheaval. Your living arrangements are most likely one of these. If one spouse has to move out of the family home, added complications are common. So, what can you do to minimize complications to your divorce proceedings while finding a new place to live? Here are a few tips to follow. 1. Recognize When to Move [Read More]

Why Should You Obtain A Patent For Your Individual Work

Because of the advancements of technology, ideas that people have tend to spread faster than they have ever spread before. Because of this, it is incredibly important—possibly more so than ever before—to protect any intellectual property that you may have. If you would like some specific reasons as to why you should protect your intellectual property and obtain a patent each time you come up with an invention, keep reading and you will learn three of them. [Read More]

4 Estate Administration Issues You Should Understand

Every estate that is established must have an executor. If you fail to appoint an executor, the probate courts will name someone to serve in that role as the administrator. It's also common for an appointed executor to hire an estate administration attorney to provide advice. There are a lot of things you should understand about the administrator's job, so here is a look at four of the biggest concerns. [Read More]

3 Things That Make Catastrophic Injury Cases Unique

Anytime someone is injured as a result of the negligence of another, the injured party can pursue financial compensation in court. Not all personal injury cases are alike — some are more serious than others. The most severe types of injuries usually warrant the filing of a catastrophic injury lawsuit. There are a few differences that set catastrophic injury cases apart from run-of-the-mill personal injury cases. Understanding these differences will allow you to more fully pursue your catastrophic injury case in court. [Read More]