Arguments Your Attorney May Raise To Help You Avoid Getting A Harsh Judgment For A Repeated DUI Offense

A legal advisor can use several strategies to fight repeat DUI charges. Therefore, you want to consult one immediately after the police arrest you for this charge. Once you reach out to them, you want to provide them with details of what happened before and during your arrest. This information will enable your lawyer to determine whether your arrest was lawful. Given the circumstances, they will challenge your arrest if the police did anything unlawful or wrongly arrested you. In these cases, your legal advisor will raise the following arguments to help you avoid a harsh judgment 

There Were Errors When Taking Tests

The law enforcers may ask you to take tests if they suspect you were driving while impaired. However, they must follow the right strategies when administering the tests to ensure accuracy. For instance, the police must ensure that the testing device is in good working order. They must also watch the accused for the specified time before asking them to take tests. Failure to take these measures can make the test results inaccurate.

As such, your lawyer can refute the test results if they realize that the police did something that could have affected their accuracy. In return, this might make the judge disallow the use of the police findings as evidence. As a result, you might get a lenient punishment even if you are a habitual DUI offender.

A Medical Condition Made You Appear Intoxicated

Some medical conditions make patients appear intoxicated even without taking alcohol. Such illnesses can make the police believe you had taken intoxicants before you got behind the wheel. Therefore, they might arrest and charge you for driving while impaired. If convicted, this might make you spend time behind bars or pay a fine. The best way to avoid these consequences is by hiring a lawyer to fight for you. They will advise you to take independent tests to prove that you had not taken illegal drugs.

Evidence Was Contaminated

The police must handle and preserve samples correctly to avoid contamination. Failure to do so might make your test results produce incorrect results. In such a case, the judge might hand you a tough punishment if the police use the test results as evidence in court. Your lawyer can get an expert to testify for you to prove that there was evidence of contamination. Therefore, they may request the judge to throw out your evidence.

As you can see, it is possible to get a lenient punishment even if you have more than one DUI conviction. This may be more so when you hire a DUI lawyer to fight for you. They will raise the arguments above and others to defend you against the charges and challenge your subsequent DUI.

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