Moving Out During A Divorce? 3 Tips To Minimize Complications

As you go through a divorce, many aspects of your life are undoubtedly put into upheaval. Your living arrangements are most likely one of these. If one spouse has to move out of the family home, added complications are common. So, what can you do to minimize complications to your divorce proceedings while finding a new place to live? Here are a few tips to follow.

1. Recognize When to Move

Not all divorcing couples need to move apart from one another. Amicably divorcing spouses may be able to continue living in the family home while working out the details, particularly when children are involved. You avoid the need for temporary housing and distance from the children. 

However, some divorces could actually be made more difficult by living together. If your emotional or physical health is at risk by staying, moving out could prevent the divorce from becoming even uglier or more stressful. Further tensions and conflicts caused by living together could even turn that amicable divorce into a bitter one. 

2. Consult With Counsel

Before you make any moves, consult with a qualified divorce lawyer in your jurisdiction. While leaving the marital home is a common and expected occurrence, you don't want to be accused of abandoning the family or your spouse.

Your choice of new home and location will support your case regarding things like visitation or custody as well as support. If you can keep the least disruption to the children's schedule both now and when presenting your new visitation schedule during the divorce, it's more likely that a judge will agree to it. So, try to set up a good plan from the beginning. 

3. Keep It Local

If you must leave the marital home, avoid moving to another city, county, or state. The added distance makes co-parenting hard and will cause more difficulties with scheduling meetings and hearings. It could even affect the jurisdiction of the divorce, making your situation more frustrating and time-consuming. 

If you need to get some distance, try at a minimum to stay within the same city or county. This generally gives you enough space to start your own life, minimizes necessary travel, and keeps court jurisdiction issues at a minimum. 

Do you need help deciding how to find the right accommodations as you plan for and execute your divorce? A family law attorney can help. Make an appointment to meet with one today.