What If You Are Accused Of Falsifying Drug Test Results?

For many people, facing a drug test is a serious concern. Many people panic because they realize they will not be able to pass the test. For many people, the "alternative" methods of passing the test become more appealing. Falsifying a drug test is tempting, but the consequences if you are caught may put you in an even worse position than failing the test.

How Do People Try to Falsify Drug Test Results?

People try to falsify drug test results in several ways. Some people have used other people's urine and then found ways to attach it to their underwear for the test. Some people try to use prosthetic devices. Some people try to ingest products that promise they will provide "clean" test results.

Why Shouldn't You Falsify Drug Test Results?

The biggest reason why you should not falsify the results of your drug test is that it is a crime. Whether you are trying to stay out of jail while you are on parole or you are tested for work purposes, cheating such a test could get you in deep trouble with state laws.

What Punishments Do you Face If You Are Convicted of Falsifying Drug Test Results?

Often, using or possessing a device or substance used to falsify drug test results is a misdemeanor. This means you may spend up to a year in jail, as with any misdemeanor. You may also face fines.

In addition to legal consequences, you might also face social and financial consequences. For example, you might not be able to continue working at your place of employment because you have to spend several months in jail. You may also face detriments to your relationships.

What Should You Do If You Falsified Drug Test?

If you are thinking about trying to falsify your drug test results, you should also speak with your attorney. He or she may be able to recommend better methods to confront your upcoming drug test. You may find that a parole or probation violation provides a better outcome than trying to falsify the results.

One of the first things you should do if you are caught falsifying drug test results or you are accused of doing so is to consult with a criminal defense attorney. Your attorney will discuss your case factually, consider the potential consequences you face, and help you create the best plan for your future. They can also defend you in court against the allegations. Contact local law firm services to learn more.