When You Are Not Ready: What To Do When Your Employer Wants You Back at Work After an Injury

After getting injured while on the job, you are likely to receive worker's compensation benefits if it is offered by your employer. Worker's compensation includes medical care and a monthly payment benefit, depending on the nature of your injury. However, your employer may attempt to contact you to come back to work even when you have not been released by your doctor to do so. The following is some information about this situation and what you can do about it:

What Can Happen?

If your employer is asking you about returning to work after an injury and you and your doctor do not feel as though you are ready, there are some different things that can happen. The first thing to remember is that all physicians are going to have differing opinions on when they believe you can go back to work. Every employee reacts to injuries differently as well and will heal at his or her own pace. Your employer may be basing his or her timeline for you to return on past incidents that are similar in nature.

What Can Be Done?

The first thing that will occur is a conversation with your employer about your injury and your status regarding your return. If you believe that you are going to be able to return, you can give it a try and see how you feel. You may receive some restrictions in the beginning of your return, such as lifting limits or time limits on your hours.

What If You Are Not Ready?

If you are not ready, and your doctor is in agreement, the situation can be problematic if your employer is pushing you to return. Ideally, you should be as cooperative as you can with your employer. Be sure to remain in regular contact about your condition so that a timeline can be established if your cases ends up in litigation.

If your employer becomes insistent on a timeline as to your return, you will need to have your doctor specify when you may be able to go back to work. When this happens, there is no specific protocol as to how the situation should be handled under the law.

Your employer may attempt to end your worker's compensation benefits. If this happens, you need to be in contact with a workers comp law professional. He or she will help you through the process. It is not uncommon for employers and worker's compensation insurers to become pushy with employees once they think enough recovery time has passed.