How A Lawyer Can Help After A Child Drowns In A Neighbor's Pool

Did your child drown in a neighbor's in-ground swimming pool due to a drain not being properly covered? If you have asked your neighbor for financial assistance with the situation and he or she refuses, you can get assistance from a personal injury lawyer. Take a look at this article to find out about the services that a lawyer can provide to help you receive justice for your deceased child.

1. Listen to Your Story

The first step to resolving your dispute is to explain to a lawyer what happened on the day of your child's drowning. Don't leave out any details that might be held against you by the defendant's lawyer if the case has to go to court. For instance, if your child was playing with the drain and removed the cover, you must tell your lawyer so a proper defense can be built.

2. Get Evidence to Prove Your Case

Your lawyer will gather evidence from the police station that details what happened on the day of the incident. For instance, the evidence will likely include photos of the drain and the condition of the cover. You will be asked to provide any medical bills that you may have that stemmed from the incident. Proof of your child's funeral expenses must be handed over to your lawyer, as well as for lost wages and counseling sessions. If other people were swimming in the pool, they may be questioned by your lawyer and asked to be witnesses if it becomes necessary.

3. Contact the Home Insurance Company

Your lawyer will find out if your neighbor has home insurance coverage so a file can be claimed on your behalf. The lawyer will talk to the insurance company about your evidence and how much money you should receive. If the insurance company does not want to pay the full amount of money that you are asking for, the matter can be taken to court. The case might also go to court if your neighbor's insurance policy will only cover up to a certain amount, which means you can possibly receive money from the insurance company and through a lawsuit.

4. File a Petition in Court

If court becomes necessary, your lawyer will file a petition that details what you are asking the other party to pay. Your lawyer will then present all of your evidence to a judge to prove that you deserve what you are asking for. Speak to a personal injury lawyer, such as the Erickson Law Office, about your complaint as soon as you are able to.