Want Primary Custody Of Your Children After Your Divorce Becomes Final? Here's What You Can Do

Getting through a divorce can be a trying time even before you and your spouse talk about who is to get primary custody of your children. Like many parents, you may want your children to live with you; use the advice below to encourage the court to grant you primary custody.

Have A Stable Lifestyle

One of the most important things you can do to convince the court that you should have primary custody is to show that your children will be safe and happy in your care. You have to be honest with yourself about how stable your lifestyle is and make changes if necessary. For example, if you work 12-14 hour days, you might need to cut back so that you are available for your children and what they might need. You might need to lock up firearms and alcohol so that your kids can't get at them. Look for ways to show that your children can count on you to be a good role model who has time for them.

Document What You've Been Doing

Are you the parent who takes your kids to soccer practice, karate and ballet? Have you been buying their cleats, ballet shoes, and dress shirts? Do you take them back and forth to their friends' houses? Have you spent time taking your kids and their friends out for ice cream? If you can answer yes to those questions, that is a good sign that you are already the primary parent in your kids' lives.

Sit down and make a list of everything you do on a daily basis to keep your kids' lives going. You can present your lawyer and the court with this information to show how much you've done and how the lives of your children would change if you were not granted the custody you're seeking.

Interact With Teachers And Other Adults

As part of the process, the judge in the case may accept statements from teachers, youth pastors, coaches, troop leaders and other adults who see your children on a regular basis. These adults can only comment on what they've personally observed with the children, but if they have seen the way you handle problems with your kids or can speak to the close bond you have with your children, that might help you.

Custody hearings aren't the only reason that relationships with other adults in your children's lives are important; you can often find out more about your children and how they feel and behave by talking to these adults as much as you can.

With the guidance this article provides, you can create a strong case for primary custody of your children. Consult your family law attorney to discover more things that you can do to prove that you are solid parent to your kids. For more information, consider checking out websites like http://www.gremlaw.com.