3 Areas Of Law That Family Lawyers Practice Besides Divorce

When most people think of family law, they think of divorce. Although many family lawyers deal with divorces, this is not the only thing that they do. Most family lawyers spend a good deal of time with other cases that do not involve divorces. Here are a couple other areas of law that family lawyers practice.

1. Adoption Law

Whenever there is an adoption there must be a lawyer. There is a lot of preparation that goes into adopting a child. There must be paperwork drawn up before the baby is born, relinquishing of parental rights from the adoptive family, home visits, background checks on the adoptive parents and so much more. In addition, after the child has been placed in the adoptive family's home, they simply act as a foster family until the adoption is made final, sometimes months after the placement has happened.

If you are considering an adoption, either of an infant or even an older child, you need to talk to a lawyer that specializes in family law, such as LaCroix & Hand PC.

2. Prenuptial Agreements

With divorce rates as high as they are, many lawyers would recommend that you see a professional about a prenuptial agreement. This is especially the case if either party enters the marriage with a good deal of property and assets, or if it is a second or third marriage. This is because you need to make sure that everything that you have worked for is protected in the case that there is a divorce.

When you get a prenuptial agreement the lawyer will carefully go through all of your assets to make sure that you can keep what you worked for in the case that marriage dissolves. Everything that is acquired after the marriage will probably have to be divided down the middle. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't protect anything you brought into the marriage.

3. Domestic Disputes

Sadly there are some instances where there are domestic disputes. This could be things like juvenile crime, paternity questions, neglect, abuse, etc. If you are dealing with problems in the home, you should talk to a family lawyer. They can help you to know what route to take. The state may press charges against an individual if there has been violence against children. But that doesn't mean that you can't start the process with a family lawyer to get custody of children in a dangerous situation.

These are just a couple other areas of law that family lawyers practice, in addition to divorce law.