5 Situations Where Hiring An Immigration Attorney Is Necessary

If you have immigrated to the United States, then there is a chance that you could need to hire an immigration attorney for help with filing for certain paperwork, such as citizenship, a green card, and more. Here are five situations where hiring an immigration attorney is an absolute must:

1. If You Have Been Convicted of a Crime: If you were convicted of a crime in any area of which you have lived, you are going to have to explain this on certain forms that you file for citizenship and more. With an immigration attorney by your side, you can be sure that he or she helps you with forming your words to explain this so that your citizenship is not denied for your criminal past. 

2. If Previous Immigration Applications Were Denied: If you have had previous immigration applications denied in the past, then you are going to need an immigration attorney. He or she will determine why the application was denied and help you to understand what you need to do in order to be accepted this next time around or they can determine if the old application that was denied can be appealed. 

3. You Have Been Waiting for an Application to Go Through for a Long Time: In some cases, applicants find themselves waiting for applications to be processed for an unreasonable amount of time. An immigration attorney can help you to apply for rush processing if possible. This can sometimes be granted if you have a family in the United States or a steady job. 

4. If You Have a Child Under 21: If you have a child under the age of 21 when you are applying for citizenship, an immigration attorney can help determine what the best way is to apply for your child's citizenship, as well. This is because children applicants must go through a different application process than those over 21. Being sure that your family can be processed together is something that your attorney will try and achieve. 

5. If You Aren't Sure What You Need to Do: During your application process, you may be asked to present other types of documents in order for your application to move onto the next step. If you aren't sure what types of documents you are being asked to present or if you aren't sure how to retrieve them, an immigration attorney can help. They will ensure that documents are sent to you as fast as possible so that there are no delays in your application process. 

By knowing what types of situations require an immigration attorney, you can be sure that you are better prepared for your application process.