3 Avoidable Reasons Why You May Be Denied Social Security Benefits

An overwhelming 70 percent of applicants for social security disability insurance get turned down for various reasons. Some of those reasons are beyond their control while others are avoidable if the applicants have the right information.

To increase your chances of getting disability insurance after being injured at work, you will probably be more inclined to look at reasons why you should be awarded compensation, but turning your perspective around and actually looking at reasons why the Social Security Administration (SSA) could turn down your application can help you understand what they look for and enable you to prepare properly. Here is a look at 3 avoidable reasons why your application for social security disability payments could be denied.

Failure to cooperate with the SSA

One of the main reasons why social security claims are denied is failure of the applicant to provide adequate medical records. The SSA uses medical records from your treating doctor in order to grant your disability claim, and they may sometimes require additional information if your submitted records are incomplete or you lack a regular treating doctor.

If the medical records provided are not adequate to prove serious impairment or disability, the SSA will usually require you to go for a free consultative examination with a government doctor. Failure to attend such examinations or to respond to requests for more medical information will certainly result in your claim being turned down.

Failure to follow prescribed therapy

You can easily be denied disability benefits if you fail to get surgery or therapy recommended by your treating doctor, unless the doctor indicates that such treatments will not result in your ability to work again. For you to escape blame for failure to follow prescribed therapy, your doctor has to tell the SSA that the therapy was not going to result in your ability to do any substantially gainful activities.

In addition, there are some acceptable excuses that you can use for failure to follow prescribed treatments, such as lack of money to pay for the treatments, intense fear of surgery, the recommended medical therapy procedures being prohibited by your religious beliefs or another doctor disagreeing with the treatment procedures recommended by your treating doctor.

Committing fraud

Including incorrect information in your disability claim or obtaining disability benefits through dishonest means can lead to the SSA terminating your benefits and prosecuting you for fraud.

By avoiding the issues discussed above and hiring a social security lawyer like the Law Offices Of Russell J. Goldsmith during the initial application stage for your disability benefits, you can increase your chances of getting a favorable decision from the SSA.