Do You Need A Patent Attorney?

If you are planning to invent a new product or already have, you may be in the process of getting a patent. This allows the unique product to be known as something you invented and prevents other people from claiming it as their own invention. When you get a patent, it is a complex legal process that often requires some legal assistance, such as an attorney.

Here are some reasons to hire a patent attorney instead of handling the process on your own:

Why should you get a patent attorney?

When you go to the local patent office, you will quickly discover how much paperwork is involved in this lengthy legal process. You are already aware of the product, how it works, and what was involved in inventing it, so why not get help with the legal process? There are going to be rules and regulations for getting a patent, applications and paperwork, and certain steps to follow. If you have a patent attorney, they will take care of each step of the process, preventing any problems along the way.

What to look for in an attorney?

Not only do you want a licensed attorney that has experienced dealing with patent issues, but you should also find an attorney that is a registered patent attorney. This means it is not an attorney who handles a lot of similar cases, but someone who specializes in patents specifically. Many registered patent attorneys will only take care of patent cases, and rarely practice other areas of law. They have the expertise to handle your patent and represent you as an inventor, as they know the inner workings of your local patent office. They will also have unique education that a typical attorney does not have, such as a degree in physical science or engineering.

How will the legal process go?

It can help to know more about the legal process of getting something patented, in order to determine if you should get an attorney or not. Here are the basic steps to expect from this process:

  1. Determining if the item can be patented, based on how unique and useful it is.
  2. Documenting and filling out proper applications, including drawings, claims and descriptions of the item.
  3. Doing patent research for various countries, being sure the item is not already patented or has not been created before.
  4. Filling out the patent application and paying the fees.

Can you do it yourself?

While it certainly helps the process to go more smoothly if you have a patent attorney, you can do this on your own. You will need to perform all the research on your own, making sure no other inventions like yours exist, fill out the applications, pay the fees, and be sure you use the right terminology on all the patent forms.

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