Do You Need A Patent Attorney?

If you are planning to invent a new product or already have, you may be in the process of getting a patent. This allows the unique product to be known as something you invented and prevents other people from claiming it as their own invention. When you get a patent, it is a complex legal process that often requires some legal assistance, such as an attorney. Here are some reasons to hire a patent attorney instead of handling the process on your own: [Read More]

Importance Of Hiring A Family Law Attorney In A Domestic Violence Situation

If you're going through the troubling effects of a violent relationship or marriage, staying safe and keeping your family together should be your number one priority. When you are married and have minor children involved, it's important that their needs are met first in the event of a crisis situation or turmoil. One of the first things you should you do is remove yourself from a violent or volatile situation. From there, once you have found a secure, temporary place to stay, contact a lawyer who will advise you on what steps to take next. [Read More]