Consequences Of Moving Out Of Your House Too Soon In A Divorce

If you are contemplating divorce and are thinking about moving out of your house right now before you even initiate the divorce, you should think twice. While this is not always a bad idea, it can have consequences and negative effects on you. In fact, here are some of the risks you take if you decide to move out of your house before you start the divorce proceedings. You leave everything in your spouse's possession [Read More]

What If You Are Accused Of Falsifying Drug Test Results?

For many people, facing a drug test is a serious concern. Many people panic because they realize they will not be able to pass the test. For many people, the "alternative" methods of passing the test become more appealing. Falsifying a drug test is tempting, but the consequences if you are caught may put you in an even worse position than failing the test. How Do People Try to Falsify Drug Test Results? [Read More]

Can You Equal an SSDI Disability?

For those unable to perform at their careers due to a medical or mental disorder, the Social Security Administration (SSA) may have a plan for you. If you qualify, you can be paid a monthly benefit payment. Most major medical and mental conditions are covered, but it can be tricky to meet all the conditions of the illness. Additionally, not all illnesses are covered. There is an alternate way to get your disease covered and gain benefits, so read on to learn more about equaling a disability. [Read More]

Hire An Experienced Federal Criminal Attorney To Handle Federal Criminal Charges Against You

If you've been indicted on a federal criminal charge, it behooves you to hire an experienced and forceful federal defense attorney to represent you. Federal defense attorneys are often seasoned, high-flying professionals with impeccable defense strategies. When you feel that you've been wrongly indicted, your defense attorney will be closely assessing your case to see that justice is served in your interest. Charges Threaten Your Livelihood In all likelihood, your federal charges are a threat to your life and freedom. [Read More]